High Desert College Collaborative’s Mission

Bliss Elementary and Middle School Award Assembly – 2023

“We are committed to HDCC. Thank you for this amazing opportunity for our students.”
Superintendent, Wendell School District

“A big thank you for all you have done for our students. This could really be the start of something big.”
Superintendent, Bliss School District

Welcome to High Desert College Collaborative (HDCC)

In partnership with Sun Valley Community School, HDCC is a newly established non-profit program (2020) with a mission to inspire the youth of rural Idaho to pursue educational opportunities beyond high school so they will be empowered to build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

The sustainability of rural communities in Idaho is vital to its economic future. Students in under-resourced communities often lack the aspirational goals of college-bound high school students from more affluent communities, not by any fault of their own, but simply due to insufficient information and understanding about the opportunities available to them. We cannot ask children to aspire to what they don’t know, nor have a reference point for. By supporting earlier and equal access to educational information beyond high school, we can inspire students to see the link between their education and vocational aims, strengthening their resilience and determination for staying in school and completing their higher educational goals. There is strong agreement across professions that some degree of post high school education – trade and vocational certificate programs, two-year associate degrees, or four-year bachelor degrees – is beneficial in earning a livable wage in the 21st century. Today, more than two-thirds of jobs require at least some post-secondary education training. Although we cannot predict the economic landscape in the next twenty years, we can say with confidence that each graduating high school student will need to THINK FOR A LIVING and develop essential skills (critical thinking and problem-solving; quantitative reasoning; teamwork and collaboration; communication; digital technology), no matter what s/he wishes to do.

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