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HDCC workshop in Camas County, grade 5

“Creating a college-going culture early in a student’s educational career is essential to ensuring he or she enrolls and persists later on. While there are numerous other factors that will ultimately determine success once there, one thing is clear: early awareness and exposure is critical in their post-secondary planning process.”
Robert Bardwell, board member, National Association of College Admission Counselors

“I really appreciate the effort and focus of HDCC to reach rural students and help them start thinking of their aspirations. Fourth grade is a very good starting point for this thinking and coming to Wendell is a great opportunity for our students.”
Wendell Elementary School, Principal

To assist school-districts in our collaborative effort to build a stronger “go-on” culture after high school, HDCC offers:

  • College Aspirations Workshops: Fun and engaging annual workshops are hosted for students in grades 4-8 in our cohort school districts to learn about opportunities in higher education, its diversity and range of opportunities, available majors and minors, and what specific colleges meet particular interests and vocational goals (with supporting materials). Workshops include Boise State University and College of Southern Idaho student-athletes discussing their pathway to college and serving as mentors.
  • College Aspirations Scholarships: Annual scholarships are awarded to students in grades 4-8, based on an application and essay regarding one’s career and college aspirations. Students can apply for the $125 award starting in 4th grade, and can continue to apply each year through the 8th grade. A voluntary committee will assess the applications and award the scholarships. When awarded, the scholarship will be redeemable for (a) opening a tax free 529 Education Savings Plan which is specifically designed to help families save for any kind of college or internship, (b) to help with a special program, camp, or relevant purchase connected with one’s aspirations during middle school or high school, or (c) it can be applied at the time of enrollment to an institution of higher education.
  • College Scholarship Awards Celebration: Awards celebration are hosted each spring by the school and greater community to acknowledge and honor those students who earned a $125 scholarship.
  • Community Outreach and Sponsorships: HDCC engages community stakeholders (banks, local businesses, clubs and CBOs) to financially support HDCC’s mission, programming, and scholarship funds. HDCC will also join parent and community informational sessions when invited.

BSU student mentor at Glenns Ferry

BSU/CSI student mentors via zoom at Bliss

Dietrich Awards Assembly 2023

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