HDCC Y1 and Y2 Superintendent Survey Feedback – June, 2022

To better gauge HDCC’s work in its five school districts after two years with an eye towards continuous quality improvement, we asked our collaborative superintendents to respond to the following questions. What follows are their collective responses and insights. (Quotes appear in the order of Q1 respondents.)

What have been the greatest benefits of HDCC’s involvement in your school district over the past one or two years? 

Wendell School District Superintendent (Y2): We are a rural school district located in southern Idaho. Over fifty percent of our student population is Hispanic/Migrant, fifty-five percent of our elementary students are English Language Learners, and seventy-three percent of our students qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch. Agriculture is a strong presence in our area, and a large percentage of our students’ families are employed with local farms and food processing plants. Our students, paraprofessionals, and teachers are collaborating to create a culture of success in our district.  We have made great strides. I’m very proud to be the superintendent of our local school district. It is a fantastic place to work, and I believe we are accomplishing AMAZING things together. Thank you HDCC for helping to improve our community by motivating our students to be their best. The greatest benefit of HDCC is that it creates opportunities for students in Wendell.  Opportunities that were not available prior nor previously considered by students.  The belief they can go to college someday or a technical school. The idea that they have a chance.  Awesome! 

Bliss School District Superintendent (Y2): HDCC has allowed our students to seriously consider their future. Having the parents involved in the process has forced them to consider what might be the wants and wishes of their children for the future. Since the large majority of our parents do not have formal education beyond high school, they seldom consider it as a pathway for their own kids.

Hagerman School District Superintendent (Y2): The greatest benefits have been the recognition and incentives for students to go on.  

Camas County School District Superintendent (Y1):: Thank you again for working to make this program happen for students in small, rural school districts!  HDCC’s involvement has helped to solidify the emphasis on writing instruction that is vertically aligned, and it reinvigorated the commitment students have for their own academic achievement.  The powerful statement about the timeliness and completeness of applications was clearly felt by all students, and the benefits of paying attention and taking care of business was a clear life lesson, as well.  Our district adopted a K-12 writing intervention 2 years ago.  Some teachers took to it and worked hard, while others were compliant.  The awards assembly was just another indicator that teaching our children to be eloquent with words is a lifetime gift we must all support.

Glenns Ferry School District Superintendent (Y1): The greatest benefits that we have discussed in our district are all student centered. Students are talking more about what they want to do after high school. Students are asking more questions to staff that are college and career orientated, and asking them at earlier ages. Overall, HDCC’s involvement here has increased student interest in continuing on to become something after they graduate. 

In what ways could HDCC further support your mission and programs in the years to come? What recommendations do you have to improve HDCC?

I am hoping to see results from this project in the next 5-6 years.  It will be interesting to see how graduation rates, go-on rates, behaviors, grades, ACT/SAT scores, etc. are impacted as a result of HDCC.  Makes for a fascinating longitudinal study!

I believe that HDCC is “right” for our community. It is enough to make our patrons stop and think but not so much they get discouraged about the process. We truly like it the way it is. Adding this piece to our end-of-year assembly has also made our older students take notice of how the younger students are planning for the future. This sends a great message.

 I’m very impressed with the work that has been done and will continue to look for sponsors to continue these efforts and scholarships. 

I would like to support HDCC in a more comprehensive manner next year by making it a part of our Meet the Musher Open House at the beginning of the year, and then revisiting the program and the benefits of planning, throughout the school year.  It would be fun to have guest speakers for smaller events leading up to your assembly, too. 

For further support, it would be to just continue to be there and be a resource for information and motivation for our students. Our teachers and Admin enjoyed working with Bags personally, but more importantly, it was the students that benefited from The HDCC. 

Do you support HDCC’s continued involvement in your school district? Why or why not? 

We very much support HDCC’s continued involvement in our schools.  Our students have benefited greatly from this opportunity, regardless if they received a scholarship or not.  We appreciate Bags and all he is doing to change mindsets.

We will continue to support HDCC in the future for all of the previously mentioned reasons.

Absolutely!  The message, opportunities, and awareness is fantastic!  JB

We are in total support of this program, and plan to do our best to make it a tradition.  Maybe a Wall of Fame for the scholarship recipients?  

We absolutely support HDCC’s continued involvement in our school district.  As to why, I would say the answer is…Why not? Students benefit in a positive fashion and become motivated with HDCC involvement in our district.